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To provide a path to a better life for young men in Africa, so that they will break their cycle of poverty.

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Boys are 1/2 of Africa’s population, yet many walk the self-destructing paths of poverty, neglect and abandonment.

This reality adversely affects the other half of Africa’s population: her women and children.

A new reality and a different path is needed if we are to truly impact the lives of all Africa’s children—including her boys.

We are Standing with Boys.

Stand with us.

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What We Do

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teach principles

The principles of making Good Choices, becoming Accountable, obeying Rules, understanding Consequences,  living in Gratitude,  Serving others, Respecting women, and equitable Leadership, are the keys to success.  Principles are a young man’s North Star. Without them, boys become lost, confused, and troubled.

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Financial and business management, problem solving, and learning to work with others, are some of the self-reliance principles we teach.  Without them, young men are less likely to trust their own creative and unique abilities.

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job skills

Learning a job skill is crucial to a boy’s development into provident living.  Being able to provide for himself and contribute to his family, builds self-worth, boosts self-confidence, and helps to put balance into all other areas of a young man’s life.

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Who We Help

Boys are half the world’s population, yet many remain a vulnerable, neglected and important demographic that are often subject to adverse role models.

Read what we are doing to change this paradigm in our Blog


boys impacted

Our teachers mentor boys who rarely have a positive male role-model in their lives.  



Years Serving Communities in Africa

Since 2014, Standing with Boys offers a yearlong, principle-based program, taught once a month to boys in primary school. 




Our efforts have expanded from Kenya to Uganda, and soon Ghana. We are so excited!

 Standing with Boys Mentors after football game

Standing with Boys Mentors after football game