The Standing with Boys (SWB) curriculum is a yearlong program taught once a month, typically to boys in primary school.  Through stories, activities, and sports, the boys learn how to become the best they can be; young men of Conscience, Character and Courage. 

While the curriculum is geared to boys ages 8 – 17, the program may be used wherever boys or young men of any age gather together.  Our creative, SWB certified teachers are teaching the program in schools, churches, community out-reach, after football (soccer) games, and in a prison.

We are currently in Ghana, Uganda and Kenya.  In October, we opened our first SWB Center outside of Nairobi, Kenya.  The purpose of this first center is to teach young men basic business skills to help them in their responsibility to provide for themselves and a family.  The center has two small businesses that will give these young men hands-on experience in owning, running and sustaining a business.

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