Narok County and Beyond

Narok County and Beyond

Narok County and Beyond

narok county and beyond

Despite its wealth and resources, most roads in Narok are in a deplorable state/ Photo: Earnest Okello

July 11th, this year will always be a memorable day in my life. We were able to travel to Narok Town to introduce Standing With Boys. Though the drive was long, winding and tiresome, it was scenic. 

Narok County is known for its wheat, honey and unpredictable climate. It is also known for being the leading county in terms of teenage pregnancies in Kenya. However, the county has the potential to develop and become an economic power house. 

Save for the bumpy and rough road and the muddy patches encountered along the way, it was a journey the three of us enjoyed. Yes, I wasn’t traveling alone!

I was accompanied by Earnest Okello and Noel Indasi. Earnest, Noel and I met over 400 boys at Siana Boarding Primary school deep inside the Mara. 

People think that I must be a very strange person. This is not correct. I have the heart of a small boy. It is in a glass jar on my desk.

Stephen King

Narok County and beyond

narok county and beyond

A group of the boys doing a presentation/ Photo: James Ouma

The moment we saw the 400 boys, I knew the long trip had been worth it. It had been a tiring journey whose fruits were the inspired students we were just about to meet. When the boys came into the room, we started engaging them in finding homegrown solutions.

I asked them to go outside and find something they can be proud of. Most of them brought flowers while the more cheeky ones, didn’t go outside and held writing note books and pens! We asked three groups of boys to name a few of their challenges.

Once they had done this, we asked them to list down solutions they are able to come up with. Earnest talked to them about value and illustrated using a 200 shillings note. This got the boys really excited and engrossed into what we had to share with them. 

Donating underwear

Just before we left, we had the opportunity to donate the underwear Patty Liston had helped us buy. The smile from each of the boys told it all. Much as they didn’t express their gratitude verbally, we knew they were grateful.

“Thank you so much and God bless you,” one of them said, upon receiving his underwear. 


As we left Narok Town, the following day, we couldn’t help but look back in satisfaction. Not only had we spoken to 400 boys, we ended up making new friends. Their head teacher asked that we go back and engage the boys more. It is a request we cannot refuse! Here are more photos from that day…

narok county

Most of the boys brought flowers to show there were treasures all around them/ Photo: Earnest Okello

Standing With Boys donating underwear

Some of the boys showing off the underwear Standing With Boys donated/ Photo: Noel Indasi

Siana Boarding Primary School

James addresses and speaks to the boys about treasure/ Photo: Earnest Okello

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